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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Dear Customer, Read the complete instruction manual carefully before you start to use the appliance. The appliance is only to be used by persons who are familiar with the safety instructions. intended Use · The appliance is designed for We are not liable for possible defects in the case of abnormal handling or disregard of the instructions given by this manual. This is a compressor cooling appliance, which is qualified for short- and long-term storing of food. [. . . ] 5 minutes after plugging in the mains plug before setting the temperature controller to the desired position. The refrigerator can be controlled through the button in the upper part of the cooling room. Regulate the Temperature in the Cooling Room Press the SET button on the control panel repeatedly until the desired temperature or the `Fast Cool' indicator lights up. Fast Cool Select this function to quickly cool down the temperature in the refrigerator. 3 hours, this function will automatically go off and the temperature in the refrigerator will be set to 2 °C. VeggiBox The VeggiBox serves as the optimal storage for fruits and vegetables. Regulate the Humidity in the VeggiBox Fruits and vegetables easily decay when stored wrongly. For that matter, a critical criterion is a right humidity, which you regulate precisely for the VeggiBox with the Humidity-Control: This slide control is in the cover of the VeggiBox. Is the slide control open, then the humidity sinks; is it closed, then the humidity rises. Temperature in the freezer compartment The temperature in the freezer compartment is set to ­18°C by default. special Functional Features Memory Preservation in the Case of Power Failure Every configuration will be preserved in the case of a separation from the mains supply and will come into operation again when the mains supply is re-established. Delayed Restart after Mains Failure So as to protect the appliance from damages, it cannot be turned on again immediately for a period of 5 minutes after a short separation from the mains supply. freezer Door The freezer door should always stay closed so that the food does not defrost. Therefore, make sure that the door is only open for withdrawal of food or rather for filling the freezer. The freezer is designed for the freezing of Food, for the long-term storage of frozen food as well as for the appliance ion of ice cubes. Fresh food should be frozen to the core as quickly as possible, so that the nutritional value, the vitamins, etc. The respective value for the maximum freezing capacity can be taken from the appliance specification sheet at the end of the manual. The freezing time shortens if the food to be frozen is divided into small portions. You can use uncoloured plastic sheets/bags or aluminium foil as packaging material. Remove the air from the packaging before freezing and check for airtightness. Provide every packaging with a label with the content, date of freezing and date of expiry on it. Foods keep their taste when they are defrosted slowly, and the emitted cooling energy from these appliances can be used to maintain the intended temperature in the refrigerator. [. . . ] Loosen the plastic plug on the bottom of the refrigerator door and replace the separately enclosed plug on the other side of the door. Loosen the cover and plug at the top of the refrigerator door and secure it to the other side. Replace the refrigerator door and mount the upper door hinge on the opposite side of the unit. If necessary, align the front feet of the appliance, so they are in a horizontal position. [. . . ]


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