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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Always remove the plug from the wall socket - before assembling or disassembling the appliance, - after use, - in case of any malfunction, - when there is no supervision, - before cleaning the appliance. When removing the plug from the wall socket, never pull on the power cord; always grip the plug itself. Danger from blades and moving parts There is a risk of serious injury from blades and other moving parts: Take special care not to touch the Blades while cleaning or changing the blade inserts. [. . . ] Any use other than that described in these instructions must be considered improper and may lead to personal injury or material damage. This appliance is intended for domestic or similar applications, such as - in staff kitchens in shops, offices and other similar working environments, - in agricultural working environments, - by customers in hotels, motels etc. and similar accommodation , - in bed-and breakfast type environments. In case of a defective appliance A defective appliance can cause material damage and injury: Check the appliance and blade inserts For damage before every use. Do not operate if the appliance or a blade insert shows any sign of damage. In the event that you detect damage, please contact our customer service department by phone or email (see appendix). Repairs to this appliance or its power cord must only be carried out by our customer service. Allow it to cool down for another 30 minutes, after which it may be used again. blade inserts This appliance comes with two different blade inserts: To achieve optimum results, we recommend replacing the blade inserts as soon as they start producing uneven or unsightly spirals. operation Caution: Please take careful note of the diagrams at the beginning of the manual before operating the appliance. Hint: Always cut the food in such a way that there is a flat surface to attach to the pestle food holder. Select the desired blade insert and fit it into the gear- wheel insert. Fit the feeder chute and turn clockwise until it is heard locking into place ( ). Take a prepared food item and attach its flat surface to The end of the pestle (diagrams I & II). Always hold the food firmly in place until it actually touches the blade insert (diagram III). Turn the appliance on and guide the pestle slowly downwards, without applying firm pressure (diagram IV). Hint: Should a piece of food become separated from the pestle, switch the appliance off and disconnect it from the mains. Then take off the feeder chute, remove the detached food and reattach it to the pestle. [. . . ] If the product fails to operate and needs to be returned, pack it carefully, enclosing your name and address and the reason for return. If within the guarantee period, please also provide the guarantee card and proof of purchase. Should you be unable to solve the problem using the table, please contact our Customer Service. [. . . ]


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