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[. . . ] 35 Dear Customer, We wish you much pleasure and satisfaction with this SEVERIN quality product, and thank you for your confidence. For over 120 years, the SEVERIN brand name has been synonymous with consistency, German quality and developmental strength. With proverbial 'Sauerland' thoroughness, precision and honesty, the family-owned business - based in Sundern, Germany - has drawn customers worldwide with innovative products since the company was established in 1892. With its eight product groups - coffee, breakfast, kitchen, BBQ, household, floor-care, personal care and cooling & freezing - SEVERIN offers more than 250 products, a truly comprehensive range of small electrical appliances, with the right product for every occasion. [. . . ] € Do not leave any food in the oven when the appliance is not in use. The use of wrong cleaning agents poses health risks: • Only food-grade cleaning agents should be used for cleaning individual components that come into contact with food. Dangers to the toast oven Incorrect handling of the oven can cause damage: • Always place the unit on a dry, level, non-slip and heat-resistant surface. € Do not position the oven on a hot surface or near any strong source of heat. € Do not use any cleaning agents or tools, other than those specified in these instructions, to clean the oven. € Before the appliance is stored away, remove the plug from the socket and allow the oven to cool down completely. GB 25 In case of a defective oven A defective oven can cause material damage and injury: • Check the oven for damage each time before use. If you notice any kind of transport damage, please contact the retail dealer where the unit was purchased. € If the power cord of the oven shows any sign of damage, it must be replaced by the manufacturers, their customer service or another properly qualified person in order to avoid any danger. € The oven does not contain any components that you can service or repair yourself. 87 kg Device category and type Voltage Output/energy consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight 4-position switch OFF Upper heat Lower heat Upper and lower heat Adjustable operating time Adjustable temperature Special markings GB 01:00 – 60:00 mins. 1 Description/Function not visible: • 2 upper heating elements • 2 lower heating elements Toast oven Oven door Door handle GB The toast oven at a glance 2 3 4 5 2 3 6 1 7 4 5 6 7 8 Control panel (see pg. 28) Baking rack Baking rack and tray handle Baking tray Crumb tray 8 9 9 Fig. 1: The toast oven and its accessory parts - Overview 27 The control panel in detail 1 2 3 4 Setting up the oven WARNING!The heat radiating from the oven is sufficiently strong to ignite inflammable objects nearby. – The oven must not be installed directly underneath a cupboard or shelf. GB 4 – A sufficient minimum clearance from any appliance, overhang, ceiling or other object must be maintained. The appliance should therefore be set up at a site which meets the following requirements: • near an earthed safety socket (minimum fuse protection 10 A), • • • positioned horizontally and protected from shock and vibration, heat-proof, well away from any heated or inflammable surfaces and objects (> 1 m) Fig. 1 2 3 Description/Function Indicator lamp (lit while the oven is switched on) Temperature control (100 – 230 °C) 4-position switch • OFF Upper heat • Lower heat • Upper and lower heat • Timer (01:00 – 60:00 mins) The following minimum clearances from any wall or other object must be maintained: • Sides: 12 cm • • Rear: Top: 12 cm 30 cm 4 28 5 Using the oven for the first time 6 Preparing food in the oven WARNING!Food residues in the interior become very hot and may burn, especially when the food has a high fat content. € Ensure that the interior, especially the heating elements, and all accessory parts are free from food residue. € Clean any contamination as described in Chapter 7 'Cleaning the toast oven'. [. . . ] HINT: Remedy Increase the timer setting for the next cooking cycle. Accessories and spare parts Replacement parts or accessories can be conveniently ordered via the internet on our homepage www. Disposal of the oven Devices marked with this symbol must be disposed of separately from your household waste, as they contain valuable materials which can be recycled. Your local authority or retailer can provide information on the matter. [. . . ]


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