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[. . . ] Replace the tank in its housing, ensuring that it is well fitted and be sure siicone tubes (P) are well introduced in water tank. This simple operation ensures optimum dispensing and must be carried out: When the machine has been out of use for a When the tank has run out of water. Fill the receptacle taking care to observe the Connect the appliance to the mains. the (E1 and E2) pilots light will come flashing on and stop flashing when it's reached the right temperature. [. . . ] Once serving has finished, wait a few seconds and remove the cups with the coffee. Check that the removable filter is perfectly fitted into the filter holder. Press the corresponding button (short or long) for more than 5 seconds, and keep it pressed. When you Stop, the coffee outlet time will remain programmed for subsequent brews. Always you repeat this operation, machine will memorize that quantity. The amount of coffee needed for short or long coffee may vary from brew to brew depending on the type of coffee used and how tight it is pressed. The E1 and E2 Icons will flash, indicating that the water is heating up. This situation indicates that the water has reached the right temperature. Open the steam control (O), turning him to the The Hot water began to come out of the vaporizer. Once obtained the desired amount of hot water, press the coffee icon (E1 or E2) again, which stops the pump. The steam is used to foam milk for cappuccino, and also to heat other liquids. To better froth the milk, move the jar with slight Movements of the jar from top to bottom. When you have enough, turn back the control Knob (O) clockwise until to close it and remove the recipient. When finished obtaining steam, you must replace the water used to make steam and at the same time, recover the temperature (lower) to make coffee. To do this, after doing steam, with the steam knob open, press any of the coffee icons, according to instructions "Obtaining hot water", so you will be activating the pump. When water starts to flow through the steam pipe, it means that the coffee temperature has returned and the boiler has been filled. To that end, after some minutes (9), if during this period the user has not performed any action on it, the unit switches to energy saving mode. To return to normal operation you should just press the ON/OFF icon (F). Disconnect the appliance from the mains and let it cool before undertaking any cleaning task. Clean the equipment with a damp cloth with a few drops of washingup liquid and then dry. [. . . ] To do so, we recommend the use of the specific product Decal for this kind of machine, which can be found in specialised shops and authorised technical services. Homemade solutions are not recommended in the descaling of this appliance. Em todo o caso, se não for possível a utilização do tipo de água recomendado anteriormente deverá proceder periodicamente a um tratamento de descalcificação do aparelho, com uma periodicidade de: A cada 6 semanas se a água for "muito dura". Depozitai aparatul într-un loc care s nu fie la îndemâna copiilor i/sau a persoanelor cu capaciti fizice, senzoriale sau mentale reduse, ori care nu au experiena sau cunotinele necesare. [. . . ]


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