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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] To ensure proper use of this product, please read this owner’s manual carefully and retain for future reference. Should the unit require maintenance, contact an authorized service location see service procedure. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. To prevent direct exposure to laser beam, do not try to open the enclosure. [. . . ] PLAY Basic playback Playback starts from the selected chapter or track. 1 1 T – : –– : –– To select a title and chapter number at the same time Perform step 1, and enter a title number you want in the space of “T (Title)” using the number buttons or the / buttons then perform steps 2 to 4. To clear the “T (Title)” and “C (Chapter)” display, press the T button several times. 1 ENTER 1 – : –– : –– Enter the number for the chapter or track you want, using / or the number buttons. When you use the number buttons, you can use the +10 button to select numbers from 10 through 99. To select chapter or track 25 2 5 +10 or +10 5 DVD VCD CD Locating a specific chapter or track Notes • Some titles may not display chapter numbers. € If you press and hold the SKIP or button on the front panel during playback, the DVD video player performs fast reverse or fast forward playback. To locate chapters or tracks during fast reverse or fast forward playback, first press the PLAY button to resume normal playback, then use the SKIP or button. € When you set “Title Stop” to “Off” 45 , you can access chapters in another title. If you go back to the preceding title by pressing the SKIP button, the DVD video player locates the first chapter of the title. When “Title Stop” is set to “On, ” you can access chapters only within the current title. Press SKIP or repeatedly to display the chapter or track number you want. SKIP To locate succeeding chapters or tracks Playback starts from the beginning of the current chapter or track. When you press twice, playback starts from the beginning of the preceding chapter or track. Com manuals search engine Advanced playback Accessing a Specific Location Directly You can access a specific location by entering its corresponding time (hours, minutes, seconds). 3 1 2 DVD VCD CD Entering the time of the desired location Press T three times. SEARCH 1 T You may have to press further depending on the disc. 1 1 –:––:–– Notes • Some discs may not respond to this process. € This method for accessing specific locations is available only within the current title of the DVD video disc or within the current track of the VIDEO CD/audio CD. Com manuals search engine Playing Repeatedly You can play a specific title, chapter, track, or segment repeatedly. (Title repeat, chapter/track repeat, A-B repeat) PLAY CLEAR REPEAT A-B RPT DVD VCD CD Repeating a title, chapter, or track Press REPEAT. REPEAT 1 Each time you press the REPEAT button, the repeat mode changes as follows. [. . . ] Check the appropriate parental lock level when you buy a DVD video disc equipped with the parental lock feature in the future. Function setup To change the parental lock level Follow steps 1) - 3). To change your 4-digit security code 1) After selecting “On” or “Off, ” press the STOP button four times, then press the ENTER button. Com manuals search engine Function setup Customizing the Function Settings (continued) Setting details AB C Initial Setup On-Screen Language ENG TV Shape 4:3 LB Audio Out Select Bitstream Initial Setup DVD VCD CD 1) Press the / buttons to select “On-Screen Language, ” and press the ENTER button. [. . . ]


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